Appliance, Tire and Auto Fluids Recycling

Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority is accepting metal appliances, car & light truck tires, used motor oil, antifreeze, and oil filters at its recycling center.  We encourage you to call us at 765-5149 for more details!

Appliances (2 Per Person/Per Year)
   Only metal appliances will be accepted:

Appliances (2 Per Person/Per Year)


 Hot Water Tanks
 Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers
 Stoves & Ovens


 Ceramic Toilets/Sinks

Tires (4 Per Person/Per Year)

  • Only passenger and light truck tires will be accepted.  NO tractor trailer or heavy equipment tires
  • Rims on tires are acceptable
  • There is a limit of 4 tires per person (free of charge) per year

Vehicle Equipment & Fluids

  • Motor Oil (15 quarts per year)
  • Antifreeze (2 gallons per year)
  • Oil Filters (5 per year)
Please note that we are limiting 4 tires and 2 appliances per person (free of
charge). After that, we will charge a nominal fee to drop any additional
appliances/tires off to our site. Additional items MUST be prepaid before arriving
at site.  Please call (814) 765-5149 for details. The current prices are given below
for those who surpass the 4 tire/2 appliance limit and/or for commercial businesses
wishing to utilize our site.

Freon Units


Non Freon Units/Appliances


Residential Car/Light Truck Tires (without rims)


Residential Car/Light Truck Tires (with rims)



Behind the Clearfield County Jail just off US Route 322, Lawrence Township







1pm-3pm, 5pm-8pm



Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority
212 E. Locust St., Suite 128
Clearfield, PA 16830
Tel: (814) 765-5149

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